High Protein Vegan Givaway

 “Where do you get your protein?” is a question I never want to hear again in my lifetime, although I know I will. Hilda Jorgensen’s newest book High Protein Vegan answers that question with over 100 protein-rich vegan recipes. High Protein Vegan so is chock-full of  nutritious, delicious and filling protein rich meals and desserts that I’m tempted to carry around copies of the book and give them away to people who ask that inane question. (But don’t ask me I get my protein just to get a free cookbook out of me!)


The recipes in High Protein Vegan are all quick and easy to make as well as being omnivore friendly. The recipes are allergy friendly too, as all are soy-free and many are gluten-free as well. Each recipe has a key to let the reader know if they contain any other common allergens such as nuts and nightshades. The dishes are creative takes on familiar recipes, such as Grain-Free Pad Thai and Soy-Free Tofu, and there’s even a chapter full of mouthwatering raw desserts. 


I was eager to dig in to High Protein Vegan, and I started my cooking with an Omelet Florentine.  I was a big omelet eater before I went vegan, and I’ve had no luck experimenting  with tofu versions over the years. This omelet is made with chickpea flour and is more of a flatbread than the eggy concoctions I remember. It’s extremely delicious and easy to make, so it will definitely be making an appearance at my breakfast table again soon. The florentine in the dish’s name refers to the fact that it’s stuffed with sautéed greens and drenched in a delicious creamy sauce. 


Next up was Pumpkin and Red Lentil soup. I spiced the soup up with some cumin and dried chili flakes and it was the perfect lunch for a cold winter afternoon.  


 I wanted to try my hand at soy-free tofu, so I made a batch and cooked up some Salt and Pepper Tofu. Like the omelet, the “tofu” is made with chickpea flour, so it doesn’t really taste anything like the soy tofu I know and love, but since I’m a big fan of just about anything made with chickpea flour, I was okay with that. My tofu didn’t set completely, so my version doesn’t look as nice as the photo in the book, but was still a very tasty meal!


As promised, I’m giving away a gift to one lucky reader each week in December and this week’s present is a copy of High Protein Vegan courtesy of Ms. Jorgensen herself!


To enter to win you must:

  1. Like High Protein Vegan on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HighProteinVegan
  2. Follow Veggiegirl on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VeggiegirlHHC
  3. Leave a comment on this post telling me what your protein rich meal is.


The contest closes at midnight EST on December 14th and the winner will be announced in a future post. US residents only, please.


27 Responses to “High Protein Vegan Givaway”

  1. Tracy says:

    My favorite high protein veggie meal is bean burritos! Yum!

  2. Nikola says:

    Couldn’t be more excited about this… I’m a huge quinoa fan and am always looking for new ways to include it in meals. Consider me entered! :) Thanks for all the great information you provide.

  3. Chelsea says:

    My high protein meal would definitely a large salad loaded with garbanzos!

  4. Jeff Adamson says:

    I’ve had this question posed to me for 20 years now and I’ve yet somehow, I’ve survived eating a meatless diet without ever having been afflicted by any noticeble protein deficiency. That said, I’m careful to ensure that I eat a wide range of food that gives me not only protein but also other important nutrients. So many choices, but I’m really partial to Indian food. As a result, I’ll go with a really spicy chana masala – no cream added and light on the oil. OK, now I’m hungry.

  5. Tasha says:

    Three years I discovered quinoa! Love it! There are so many amazing things that you can do with it. And then there are lentils, grew up on them and still love and all you can do with them!

  6. I “like” both of the FB pages.

    Beans and rice would be my simplest, go-to protein-rich meal. I also really like some Gardein products.

  7. urbanvegan says:

    I’m a long-distance runner. Endurance athletes, vegan or not, actually need much more protein than the average bear to repair our broken-down muscles. My go-to protein meals are usually loaded with tempeh. But after a long run, I’ll down a smoothie with lots of protein powder to recover.

  8. Lynda says:

    The “soy-free tofu” looks and sounds something like Mung Wadi which is a ground and dried lentil “nugget”; a food originating in India. I recently discovered these and am playing around with recipes for them. I like them a lot.

  9. Linda says:

    A protein rich meal my family enjoys is Mazidra (rice, lentils and vegetables).

  10. lani says:

    Dal, dal, and more dal…I just can’t get enough of making dals with different lentils and spices…It’s real comfort food…

  11. Lauren L says:

    My fave high protein vegan meal would be chickpea patties on a bed of baby spinach with a light dressing and assorted other veggies. So hearty and healthy!

  12. Amy says:

    My go-to protein of the moment is lentils. Lentil loaf, Red Lentil Dal, Lentil Soup…I can’t get enough.

  13. Christy B says:

    Great post! My favorite high protein meal is a delicious bowl of beans and greens.

  14. Caren says:

    Bean Chili with Vegan Chorizo!

  15. B'klynHeart says:

    I already follow VeggieGirl on Facebook, but did add High Protein Vegan!

    My favorite go-to high protein meal is actually one of the simplest I make: Beans and Rice. I sing songs just thinking about it. Fast, easy, and always super delicious!

  16. Joyce says:

    My go-to quick protein is quinoa with black beans or lentils.. Fast and delicious…

  17. Bryan Cyr says:

    Vegan 3 bean chili is my favorite.

  18. Kimberley D. says:

    Hi – I liked both your bage and the High Protein page. Right now I’m on a total tofu kick and I’m curious to try tofu-less tofu!

  19. Jessica Caneal says:

    My most high-protein meal of the day is usually my morning smoothie (it’s certainly the healthiest high protein meal of the day). I add protein powder as well as lots of nuts and seeds!

  20. myotisfriend says:

    I’m a big Fuhrman fan. “the salad is the main course.”! Just add me some beans and I’m happy for hours!

  21. Nicole Silva says:

    I’m really concious about my body that’s why i eat a lot of vegan foods. actually, this one looks perfect!

  22. Dana says:

    I’ve been vegan years and I only just now discovered how easy and yum a tofu scramble is to make. Its my current fav high protein meal.

  23. Krista says:

    My favorite high protein meal is a very spicy stew with tempeh and greens.

  24. Liz says:

    My favorite high protein meal is quinoa with black beans. Thanks!

  25. fran says:

    Vegan Chili with tofu and kidney beans, black beans, and chick peas

  26. Leah says:

    Seitan chorizo w/ chickpeas!

  27. Richard Vasconi says:

    My favorite high-protein lunch is a sprouted grain bread sandwich with almond butter and sliced apples.

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