Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale Final Tally


Montclair Vegans participated in the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale over the weekend, raising… drumroll please… $1,148.27 for Homeless Animal Lifeline. (There was also a nice donation of cat food and pet supplies!) We chose HAL as our beneficiary this year because of the tireless work they have been doing for animals who were displaced by Superstorm Sandy last year. The storm may no longer be nation-wide headline news, but there are many, many families and animals still suffering from the effects of the storm here in NJ.  


HAL Table

HAL is a volunteer run organization, and it takes several thousand dollars per month to run their rescue efforts. The majority of the funds comes out of the pockets of volunteers who pay vet bills, food, litter, supplies, gas, etc.  If you missed the bake sale, you can still donate! Just go to their website and click the donate button.


Table 2

We’ve always had really successful bake sales outside Go Lightly in Montclair, but sadly, they closed their doors last year. I was worried that we were now homeless, but Lisa from Culture Couture generously allowed us to set up outside her store, and the space couldn’t be more perfect.  We had a nice wide area of sidewalk on a busy corner across from a Starbucks. We had a really talented group of bakers donate yummy baked goods, and several businesses donated treats too, including Sweet Avenue Bake Shop, Killer Vegan and Pink Frosting Bakery. A few people from the local chapter of Mercy of for Animals handed out vegan brochures and directed people our way. It was a beautiful day, and we were all really pleased with how well we did. 



I made cookies and cream cupcakes which always sell well.


Pink Frosting Bakery donated dozens and dozens of cake balls. The lemon ones were my favorite. (They were actually the only treats I ate!)



Sweet Avenue also donated cake balls. (You can never have too many cake balls!)



Killer Vegan donated maple pecan and peanut butter and chocolate mini cupcakes. These didn’t last long. 



Jenna from Good Good Things made her famous double chocolate brownies.
We had tons more treats, including dozens and dozens of cookies, gingerbread cupcakes, gluten-free mini pizzas, chocolate muffins and even doggie biscuits. 
Vegan bake sales are great way to help out charities in need in the community, gather friends and show people that vegan treats taste great. If you’ve never hosted a bake sale before but you want to start one, check out my bake sale tips on Chic Vegan:
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2 Responses to “Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale Final Tally”

  1. Carrie says:

    All the baked goods look fabulous! Congratulations on a job well done!

  2. Somer says:

    That is just the coolest! I love that so many different blogger friends had so much success with their vegan bake sales! Yay for vegan treats and funds for sanctuaries!

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