What I Ate Wednesday: What I Ate Over the Weekend

It’s hard to believe that another week has gone by and June is almost here! This has been a strange year for me, and I’m still recovering from the surgery I had at the beginning of March. I had no idea that it would take this long, and I was hoping to be back at close to 100% by now, but I’m not there yet. I’m happy that I’m able to cook, though. My meals have all been pretty simple and easy to make (I’ve had a little help from Dennis with a few of them), but I’ve been able to prove that dinner doesn’t have to take hours to make in order to taste good! For today’s What I Ate Wednesday I’m going to show off the meals I ate over the weekend.


HashbrownsOne breakfast consisted of sautéed greens, frozen hash brown patties and fresh berries.


Rocky Mountain Toast copyAnother breakfast was Rocky Mountain Toast, avocado and mixed berries. The toast was inspired by a recipe from Jazzy Vegetarian Laura Theodore, but I didn’t follow Laura’s recipe word for word because I had some leftover scrambled tofu.


PancakesAnother breakfast was homemade pancakes and fresh berries. I made the pancake mix and Dennis cooked it.


Caesar SaladI’ve fallen completely in love with vegan Caesar salads recently! The recipe for the dressing, croutons and vegan parmesan are part of a secret project I’m testing for. This dish makes the perfect lunch.


BLT WrapAnother lunch was a coconut bacon BLT wrap and a big salad.


Pizza and SaladAnd another lunch was yet another salad with leftover pizza.


PizzaThe pizza was leftover from a dinner the night before. This was made with homemade spelt dough that Dennis made and spinach pesto that I made, and it didn’t take long to make at all.


Portobello Peach SandwichSince it was Memorial Day weekend and the weather was nice (for a change), we pulled the grill out of winter hibernation and made portobello peach sandwiches. They were such a nice treat after the long, cold winter we had!


Veggie BurgerWe also grilled veggie burgers and asparagus and had them with kale salad and curried potato salad. It was all so good!


What have you been cooking up lately?



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4 Responses to “What I Ate Wednesday: What I Ate Over the Weekend”

  1. Jessie says:

    Coconut BLT Wrap. You must explain whats all included :)

  2. Melissa K. says:

    Hi, looking at your eats was very inspiring! But, could you tell about your spelt pizza dough recipe and your pancakes? They sound so yummy!

    • Dianne says:

      Hi Melissa! Unfortunately I can’t share the recipes because I’m testing for an upcoming project friends are working on. As soon as the project is announced, I’ll share the news. Sorry about that!

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